Making of the sound of “Krake lebt!”

KRAKE lebt!

“Krake lebt” is Heide Park Resort’s new attraction for the 2012 season. The athmospheric horror-maze delights with detailed theming and expensive visual effects. As a part of the adventure a group of up to twelve daring visitors takes place in a diving bell, after beeing introduced to the circumstances of their upcoming expedition. They go on a dive to the depths of the sea, down to a wreck of a pirate ship. But shortly before they reach the seaground, something terrible happens and everything that could go wrong goes wrong. From this point on the participants of the expedition are left on their own, fighting their way through the hunted galleon…

During their whole adventure the visitors are accompanied by moody music- and sound-atmospheres, individually created for every room and every special moment of the journey. Furthermore threatening sound design brings things to life, that should have never been awakened.

IMAscore produced a making of for all those people interested in the audio production for “Krake lebt!, which the team worked on for more than two months. It offers an exclusive look behind the scenes including interviews with IMAscore’s composers and sound designers. English subtitles are available!

“Nie mehr ohne Dich” available on Blu-ray & DVD
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