New YULLBE trailer with music and sound design by IMAscore

YULLBE meets Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg! IMAscore scored the trailer for this upcoming virtual reality experience with music and sound design!

Watch here:

Isla Mágica gets digital music release

The anthem of Isla Mágica, which you can hear at the entrance of the park since its opening back in 1997, was now reimagined by IMAscore and is available on all digital music platforms. It is our first collaboration with the park!

Music for Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution

We’re happy to have our track “Wonder” in a Internal Corporate Presentation for Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution! The track is a part of our timeless orchestral trailer music album “Life In An Hourglass”, published by our friends of Colossal Trailer Music.

Soundtrack and Sound Design for The Europa Park Story

Go on a magical journey through time to the very beginnings of the Europa-Park Resort with the exclusive VEEJOY series ‘The Europa-Park Story’ featuring our music and sound design. We also produced the audio logo for the opening which you get to see and hear before each video!

Watch the series here: