Van Helsing and other productions for Movie Park

It’s Showtime at Movie Park Germany! For the 2012 season, on the stage of studio 7, Van Han Helsing and his allies detach the X-Men to provide the audience a unique show filled with action, comedy and pure entertainment. The huge theater, set in the western area of the movie-based theme park, is able to accommodate over 2,000 people. Above all, the composers and sound designers of IMAscore will make every moment of the action spectacle a worldwide specialty, because every second of the show’s story about the rough vampire hunter will be accompanied by music – a technique usually used in movies. A full orchestral score will have a huge emotional effect on the audience. But to write music for an action show is also a big challenge, because timing matters a lot – and concerning such big show productions, timing is something, that will be perfect just a few days before the premiere.

Studio 7 (Movie Park Germany)There are just a few days left till the 30th of March, when the curtain drops for the first time on the great premiere of the show. By no later than after the show was performed for the first time, everyone can see how much work was put in this project by everyone involved. When all the dust has settled, the whole team is excited to give everyone interested a sneak peek behind the production. Listen to the first snippet of the soundtrack:

But Van Helsing is just one of Movie Park’s novelties for Movie Park’s 2012 season where IMAscore is involved. Stay tuned – further information coming soon!

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