Toverland continues working with IMAscore on their novelty 2015

Toverland 2015

Since 2012 the Dutch theme park Toverland works together with IMAscore when it goes to the creation of music and sounds for their attractions. After Toverland and IMAscore brought the now highly popular theme area “De Magische Vallei” to life, which opened in 2013, it comes to yet another collaboration for the 2015 season’s novelty.

Toverland Neuheit 2015

For this season the 2004 opened summer bobsled ride “Woud Racer” will be elaborately renewed. IMAscore produces the Acoustic Theming, including the production of an onboard soundtrack, which makes the family friendly ride an unique experience. Furthermore the ride gets an elaborate theming indoors and outdoors. But there’s also a lot happening from a technical point of view, as the old channel was already tared down to make place for a new one. This is all just the beginning and the guests can expect a great new experience in spring 2015.

Following you can listen to a snippet of the new ride’s queue line soundtrack. Fitting the theme of the ride, the music consists of many folksy Alpine elements.




IMAscore – Toverland New Ride 2015 (Queue Line Ausschnitt)

Mami Wata soundtrack snippet and official logo design
NRW.Bank and IMAscore present Kreativkredit