Toverland novelty “Magische Vallei” with soundtrack by IMAscore


At the present day IMAscore starts the production of more than 160 minutes of music and sound atmospheres for currently one of the biggest amusement park projects in Europe. The dutch theme park Toverland is building a whole new area at the moment –„Magic Valley“. The highlights of the new area will be a rapid river ride and a Mack Rides spinning coaster. But the four hectare big area has much more to offer than just two first-class rides.

Magische Vallei

No later than at the official opening of the whole area in April 2013 visitors can go on a visual and acoustic journey. By the way, the word „tovern“ means translated „to conjure“. If you take a look at the rapid development of the park, one might think that in fact witchcraft has something to do with it. Now, after the very popular GCI wooden rollercoaster „Troy“, the former indoor park makes the next big step with „Magic Valley“. IMAscore is a part of this development and comes up with great melodies, atmospheric sounds and lots of acoustic surprises!

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