THE SMILER soundtrack produced by IMAscore

The Smiler

We’re proud to announce our involvement in one of the most amazing rollercoaster projects of all time: The Smiler at Alton Towers Resort! Under absolute secrecy, the team of IMAscore produced the whole music and sound atmosphere for the world beating rollercoaster, built by Gerstlauer. With a total of 14 inversions, the ride overcomes the previous record holder by 3 more overhead elements and offers its riders an experience, which they will never forget.

The Smiler

Together with the renowned designers of Merlin Entertainments, IMAscore produced an unique audio experience, which marmalises minds of riders. A total of 75 minutes of music and sounds waited long to become unleashed, but on the 31st of May the time has finally come and The Smiler opened for public!

There could have been no better place for opening such an one of a kind ride. Alton Towers Resort is the most visited theme park in the United Kingdom and 9th most visited theme park in Europe. In over 23 years the guests were able to experience various innovative rides like Nemesis, Oblivion or Thirteen. The Smiler was one of the main topics in the theme park industry for months and months. Extensive marketing, like viral video clips, TV commercials or even an iPhone and Android game accompanied the construction. As being the main audio supplier, IMAscore also produced the music for the game. Listen to an official snippet of the soundtrack by IMAscore below:

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