Super Blast II now available

Super Blast 2 by Phantoom Entertainment

What a present for St Nicholas’ Day! Super Blast II by Phantoom Entertainment has been released today in Apple’s AppStore for iPhone & iPod Touch. It only costs € 0,79 and is way larger than it’s forerunner. IMAscore composed it’s soundtrack, which consists of six different themes and produced it’s sound design, too. Become addicted to the action-packed gameplay and listen to the sound of IMAscore!

Some quotes from the press about the music & sound:

Super Blast 2 by Phantoom EntertainmentPixeljumpers: “Super Blast 2 has one of the most catchy tunes I have ever heard. A blend of classical music and techno music made into something that truly gets you into the mood. You’ll be thinking of the tune well after your session with the game ends and you’ll be yearning to get back into it, if only to hear the music once again.”

Mobiletechreview: “Sound tracks go very well with this futuristic looking space shooter. Fast paced music spiked with metal and techno sounding FX and voice-over helps generate even more the atmosphere of flying fast in space while blasting out some hyper realistic space robots. Each weapon has its own sound bites, making the gameplay more interesting.” Sound Rating: 5/5

RipTen:“The thing I like the most about this game is the sound. Phantoom Entertainment really nailed the classic over-the-top sound effects. Metallic clanks, rumbling explosions, and screaming lasers all combine into a cacophony of beautiful sounds.”

Super Blast 2 von Phantoom Entertainmentappadvice: “There is a deluxe soundtrack to go with the blasting action.”

148apps: “I love the sound (the sound really is amazing)”

iPhonecation: “…the music is the best because it keeps the tension of the action at all times…”

– Get the Game here in the AppStore: Super Blast 2

Music for the German Gymnastics Federation
Super Blast II trailer by IMAscore