Soundtrack for Flug der Dämonen at Heide Park Resort

The rollercoaster Flug der Dämonen at Heide Park Resort is Germany’s first Wing Coaster, a steel roller coaster where pairs of riders sit on either side of a roller coaster track in which nothing is above or below the riders – an unique but even so thrilling feeling of freedom.

The composers and sound designers of IMAscore produced the soundtrack / Acoustic Theming of the attraction. About one hour of audio material creates a threatening atmosphere between hope and uncertainty. The official making of grants a look behind the scenes with first audible impressions and will be published on 31th March 2014.

Heide Park Resort starts into the new season with Flug der Dämonen on 29th März 2014! Find more information on the Wing Coaster’s official website: www.flug-der-dä

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