Sound Design and 5.1 mixing for Destruction of Silence

The short film „Desctruction of Silence“ of the ambitious filmmaker Jakob Gisik is set in Germany during the second world war. The plot, though it is spatial close to the battlefields of the past, could not be any farer away from what you think on first when you imagine this horrible war.

After his family has been killed in an airstrike, the six year old boy Philipp Schmidt has to get in control of his own destiny and conquer new frontiers. A few days later, starved and exhausted, he encounters a troop of American soldiers, who are on patrol. A few moments later they get involved in a battle with the German Wehrmacht. Only Philipp and a G.I. named Jack Brown survive. From this event on, they develop an unique father-son relationship.

Right now the project is in post-production. IMAscore does the sound design and 5.1 mixing for the film. This is the first time IMAscore, Jakob Gisik and his production company Jakale Film are working together.

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