Peter Cliff from Alton Towers Resort about working with IMAscore

Alton Towers Christmas
Peter Cliff, Alton Towers Resort’s Entertainments Creative Manager, worked with IMAscore on the park’s 2015 Ultimate Fireworks Spectacular show, including recordings with the Budapest Film Orchestra, and most recently on the soundtrack of “Cinderella”, a magical pantomime for the festive season. The team is proud to share Peter Cliff’s experience of working with IMAscore.

Peter Cliff

Entertainments Creative Manager, Alton Towers Resort

Yet again IMAscore have outdone themselves by composing the musical score for the Alton Towers Resort’s Christmas show Cinderella. Working within the exceptionally stylistic realm of British Pantomime, the team fully embraced the genre and created a soundtrack that was full of festive enchantment with just enough musical whimsy to keep it embedded in its traditional roots. Another great example of the talent held by the IMAscore team.

IMAscore’s year 2015
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