NRW.Bank and IMAscore present Kreativkredit

NRW Bank

NRW.Bank cooperates with IMAscore to present and promote the new NRW.Kreativkredit, a credit for the creative industries, especially for the submarkets architecture, books, design, film, art, performing arts, music, press, broadcast, software/games and advertising. The funding can reach from 5.000 € to 25.000 € and is available as assignment or project funding.

“Especially in the beginning of their endeavor, Creative companies are faced with the problem of having ideas or even concrete assignments, but not the budget to invest in the required equipment. This credit provides a remedy.“

quotes the official press release IMAscore’s CEO Xaver Willebrand.

In the course of an article of the German newspaper Handelsblatt about the NRW.Kreativkredit, Willebrand issued a more detailed statement.

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