New corporate identity for IMAscore

IMAscore celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2019. So much has happened, so much we have learned and so grateful we are to be able to call something our work that we love. But after ten years a time for change has also come for us. When we founded IMAscore in 2009, nobody knew what that would lead to. Neither did we know what IMAscore would mean to people and how we would be perceived as a company, but also as artists. With our new logo we want to establish IMAscore more clearly as an artist.

All of us – and you with us – have gone on a journey in recent years. On a journey full of creativity, expressed in music and sound. Our very first slogan was: Music and Sound Design beyond Imagination – and our name also derives from it. That’s where we want to return to, at least figuratively. Climb aboard our airship and accompany us on new adventures. Where do we go? Who knows, but certainly beyond our imagination!

We thank designer Darin Leach for his great work and support on this big step forward!

New single “Paradise” by IMAscore out now
Music for Walibi Belgium’s new theme areas Fun World and Karma World