New onboard-soundtrack for Blue Fire Megacoaster

Blue Fire Megacoaster opened in April 2009 in Europa Park – Germany’s biggest and with over four million visitors the world’s most visited seasonal amusement park. The 20 million euro ride was the park’s first roller coaster, which puts it’s passengers upside down in the truest sense of the word. Passengers will go through a total of four inversions after they have been accelerated within 2 ½ seconds by a powerful linear motor from 0 up to 100 km/h.

For the 2012 season IMAscore received the order to produce a piece of music, which musically accompanies the passengers during the ride and replaces the previous track, that doesn’t fit the rollercoaster any more in the park’s opinion. The music is played by speakers installed in the train’s seats. At the beginning of the ride the train passes a darkride-part, which was also musically renewed.

In terms of style, the production was a balancing act. On the one hand the mythologic history of Island should have an influence – also because Europa Park has just opened it’s newest rollercoaster “Wodan” in the immediate vicinity – but on the other hand the modern theming of the ride (for example the darkride-part is themed like a power plant) should have an influence on the style, too. To connect mythology with the modern age, IMAscore’s composer Andreas Kübler used classical orchestral elements and mixed them up with electronic sounds. He succeeded to connect two totally different worlds.

The following snippets are excerpts of Blue Fire Megacoaster’s new onboard-soundtrack. You can hear it on the ride exclusively at Europa Park from the 31st March!

Snippet 1 (Blue Fire – Dark Ride Part):

Snippet 2 (Blue Fire – Coaster Part):

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