New music by IMAscore in Toverland’s Magic Forest area

Toverland 2015

The soundtrack of the season 2015’s novelty, the fully renewed bobsled ride „Maximus Blitzbahn“ (former „Woudracer“), was not the only music produced by the team of IMAscore for the Dutch theme park Toverland. Most noticeable for sure is the new audio of Magic Forest, the second indoor area, which opened in 2004. On about 8.000 square meters, typical Toerland’ish magical music and sounds accompany the guests on their stay.

There are three attractions placed in this hall, which also received an own soundtrack by IMAscore this year. First of all the fun house “Villa Fiasko”, which soundtrack is fittingly crazy, second the Mack Rides log flume ride “Backstroke” and last but not least the old horse carousel. The latter one sounds in the style of a classic barrel organ and combines all the music and melodies from Magic Forest in an unique way.

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