New music by IMAscore for Heide Park Resort

Heide Park Resort

Since this season, music from IMAscore welcomes the guests on their visit of Heide Park Resort. The team produced more than 30 minutes of exclusive music for the park’s entrance area. Following the pathway through the park, the guests enter “Bucht der Piraten” (“Pirate’s Bay”). For the theme area and its restaurant “Wirtshaus des Admirals” (“Admiral’s Inn”) IMAscore produced new music as well.

So for the 2014 season of the theme park, which is located near Soltau in Germany, IMAscore produced a total of more than three hours of music, as the team was also responsible for the Acoustic Theming of the park’s novelty of this year – Germany’s first Wing Coaster “Flug der Dämonen” (“Flight of the Daemons”) – and the gigantic wooden rollercoaster Colossos.

Heide Park Resort occupies some sort of pioneer role in Germany, with an acoustic redevelopment of such a scope. As IMAscore’s music is royalty free, there are no fees to pay to any collection society.

Apart from an obviously increased individuality and the creation of an unique musical identity, the investment in producing music is worthwhile, as it redeems within a short period of time in most cases.

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