Music for Heide Park Resort’s novelties 2015 and Soundtrack CD

Heide Park

For the 2015 season Heide Park Resort and Merlin Entertainments work together with IMAscore once more to create a musical identity for this year’s novelties.

The first novelty of the upcoming season is the kids driving school Wüstenflitzer. Children between four and ten years can playfully learn basic traffic rules on the lovely themed course. Beside of the accompanying music IMAscore also produced a variety of sound effects, which accentuate specific moments of the ride in a positive way.

There’s another novelty waiting for the guests in 2015: The elaborately re-themed hotel of the park. A stay at the Adventure Hotel is exciting and relaxing at the same time. It has the style of a manor house, which owner, the adventurer Lord Explorus, furnished with all kinds of curiosities from explorations all over the world. The soundtrack by IMAscore is as influenced by the craziness and magic of the house and its interior, as the soundtrack reinforces the mood on the other hand.

Furthermore the horror maze Krake lebt! was revised for this season as well. IMAscore produced its soundtrack back in 2012. Krake lebt! Kids will open on weekends to welcome guests of a younger age and offer them an exciting walkthrough adventure. IMAscore produced new music and sound atmospheres, which fit the new family-friendly style of the attraction.

WüstenflitzerAbenteuerhotelKRAKE lebt! Kids

Finally we want to hint at our upcoming Heide Park Resort Soundtrack CD, which release comes closer day by day – even if an official release date still has to be confirmed. The CD will be available exclusively at the IMAscore shop. It will feature tracks from all attractions mentioned above and also many of our past projects at Heide Park. More information soon!

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