IMAscore produces hymn for the 50th Grimme Award!

Grimme Preis

The music production studio IMAscore composes the hymn for the 50th awards ceremony of the Grimme Award. The orchestral piece of music, written by the team’s lead composer Andreas Kübler, will be used as musical opening and on other occasions during the event.

For us as a team, but also for me personally, writing music for the Grimme Award is a great honour, because there is hardly no other television prize that is so prestigious. The fact that it is the hymn for the 50th anniversary makes it above all the greatest milestone in our career. We are very thankful for this opportunity.”, said Kübler.

The Grimme Award will be awarded on the 4th April of this year. Every year since 1964, the Grimme Institute awards productions and TV achievements, which “use the specific possibilities of the TV medium in an extraordinary way and can be a model in terms of content and method for TV practice.” (Statute of the Grimme Institute).

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