IMAscore releases first solo Trailer Music album for the industry

IMAscore proudly announces the release of its very first solo trailer music album Kaleidoscope. Produced and published in close cooperation with the label End Of Silence, this release marks the beginning of what is meant to be a long-term partnership.

Kaleidoscope offers a stylistically versatile selection of songs suitable for trailers of all kind. Highly professional male and female vocals and emotionally deep yet adaptable lyrics add another certain something to already top-notch instrumentals. Experience the emotional impact of melancholy in epic orchestral compositions with a larger than life attitude, the thrilling coolness of rocking electric guitars and the uplifting motivational vibe of trendy Trailer Pop tracks. No matter if instrumental or with vocals, these tracks will always add the extra you’re looking for.

The album will be released for public in the future as well. We’ll inform you as soon as we have further information.

Soundtrack for Movie Park Germany’s Star Trek™: Operation Enterprise
New FINAL FANTASY XV trailer with music by IMAscore