IMAscore produces music for the Swedish theme park Liseberg

The music of IMAscore will speak Swedish in the near future! The theme park Liseberg assigned IMAscore to produce music for their novelty of the 2013 season. In the next year the park celebrates its 90th anniversary and for this occasion the old kids area will be renewed by spending over 20 million Euros to build a new “Rabbit Land”. This is the biggest investment ever in the history of the park for children.

With more than 2,9 million visitors each year, Liseberg is the biggest theme park in northern Europe, placed in the heart of the city Göteborg. The park recently announced their “Projekt Helix”, a Mack Rides Megacoaster that will be built for the 2014 season. The announcement attracted attention in the industry.

German Federal Government awards IMAscore as “Kultur- und Kreativpiloten”
European Talent Award 2012 (sound design) went to IMAscore