IMAscore wins FKF award for the “Magische Vallei” soundtrack

FKF Award

FKF AwardIt was a huge and also very pleasant surprise: In the beginning of 2014 it became public that Toverland and IMAscore will be awarded with the FKF award for the theme area “Magische Vallei”, which opened in 2013 – Toverland would receive the award for its impressive conceptual achievement and IMAscore for the Acoustic Theming of the area, as well as for the Mack Rides Spinning Coaster Dwervelwind’s onboard soundtrack.

Group Picture

The official awarding ceremony took place just a few days ago at Toverland. Representatives of FKF presented Toverland and IMAscore with the award. The team of IMAscore feels very thankful for this honour and is happy about the overall acceptance of the team’s work among theme park enthusiasts.


Freundeskreis Kirmes und Freizeitparks e.V. awards special earnings and achievements in the fairground and leisure industry since 2003.

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