TV-mixing by IMAscore meets the new EBU R128 standard

Starting August 31, 2012, virtually all broadcasters will only accept audio material that meets the new EBU R128 standard. This means, that from this point on, all commercials and trailers that are set for broadcast have to be mixed in strict accordance with the new guidlines. For this reason IMAscore offers it’s customers TV-mixing in usual good quality, that meets the new standard.

The introduction of the new standard by the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) was caused by the television viewers, who were upset by the volume differences between the dynamic TV program (e.g. movies) and advertising. While, in the past, the mix, for example of commercials, was oriented at the loudest possible volume level, in the future the so-called „integrated loudness“ (the weighted average of loudness measured over the entire program/spot) will be the base of every mix. Due to the resulting higher dynamics, the actual sound quality of commercials will also be improved. IMAscore supports this development and is your professional partner for TV-mixing meeting all required standards.

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