Download Hollywood on Parade for free

In the themepark’s main-season of 2011, the team of IMAscore produced the hymn-like orchestral song “Hollywood on Parade” for Movie Park Germany. The reason was, that after a few years break, a parade would make it’s way through the park for the first time again. Young and old enjoy the colorful floats and of course especially the younger visitors characters like Spongebob Squarepants or the popular child heroes from the Ice Age movies.

Since then, the song sung by musical actor Dirk Stollberg (who was a part of productions like Stage Entertainment’s “The Beauty And The Beast” and “Mamma Mia!”), accompanies the solemn parade through Germany’s biggest movie- and entertainment park located near Bottrop-Kirchellen.

Since last year requests concerning the music become more and more and did not stop. That is why we are happy to announce in collaboration with Movie Park Germany, that we’ll offering both the German and the English version of the song for free download – starting right now!

Under the following link a website, specially created for this purpose, will open:

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