Heide Park Resort Soundtrack CD at the IMAscore shop


There’s a lot going on at the IMAscore shop. The product that attracted the most attention is surely the Heide Park Resort Soundtrack CD. The double album consists of 26 tracks and was realized in close cooperation with the German theme park. It’s exclusively available at IMAscore. The CDs feature the Soundracks of the attractions KRAKE, Flug der Dämonen, Colossos, KRAKE lebt! Kids, Wüstenflitzer and the music of the entrance area and Bucht der Piraten, including the Splash Battle ToPiLauLa Schlacht. Furthermore you can also find parts of the Adventure Hotel’s Soundtrack on them!

Beside of that there are also T-Shirts available at the shop for the first time. On offer are for Men and Women the two motives “Corkscrew” and “I Love”. Both shirts are also available as special offers together with the Heide Park Resort Soundtrack CD for a bundle price.


More products are already on their way and the team of IMAscore is working o some surprises for this year.

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