Ferro Ignique conquers the App Store

Ferro Ignique

Never before has the team of IMAscore composed more music or recorded more sounds than for slothlabs media’s “Ferro Ignique 1 – Das Amulett des Novizen” (= “The Amulet of the Novice“). This iPhone-/iPad-app is not a “game” in the true sense of the word. It is more like an interactive book that tells an epic tale full of magic and heroism. The story of the young, but not less brave protagonist is accompanied by IMAscore’s medieval-inspired soundtrack. Every scene is scored with an individual piece of music, adapted to the action that takes place and mood that the words create. Dynamic atmospheres and many different sounds expand the reader’s experience.

The epic main theme is more than a piece of music that stands for it’s own. It’s much more of a mix of many different events and moods that you will find in the book. We are very pleased to present you the entire main theme:

Ferro Ignique (Main Theme) von IMAscore[audio:IMAscore%20-%20Ferro%20Ignique%20(Main%20Theme).mp3]

“Ferro Ignique 1 – Das Amulett des Novizen” will be released in English language soon! You can get the German version in the App Store

As of now Galaxy Quest is available for PC!
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