European Talent Award 2012 (sound design) went to IMAscore

Last Saturday, in the context of the solemn award show in Cologne’s Gloria Theater, the European Talent award in the category “Sound Design” went to Sebastian Kübler (composer and sound designer at IMAscore). The ceremony was the highlight of Soundtrack Cologne 9.0, a congress for music and sound in film and media, which takes place every year since 2004. The award honors talented sound designers.

The basis of the decision was a six-minute short film named “Apollo” by Jochen Gönnert, which was silent and had to be filled with music and sound by the participating composers and sound designers. Out of many submissions from all over the world, 14 were nominated for the award. In the morning of the 17th November all nominated contributions were screened at Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum. Beside an interested audience, a jury exanimated all the different acoustic efforts.

This year the jury consisted of Tatjana Jakob (Sounddesigner), Jochen Robertz (WDR), David Serong (Cinema Musica) and Austin Wintory (Composer). The decision for awarding Sebastian reads as follows:

“The jury has decided to award the prize to Sebastian Kübler for the memorable and creative sound design choices that he made. Very often sound design is merely functional but his work was that of a true storyteller. His work demonstrated an appreciation of when to be simple and clear, and when to be unusual and creative.”

Soundtrack Cologne 9.0 Gewinner mit Jury

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