IMAscore’s year 2015

IMAscore Studio

For IMAscore the year 2015 was characterized by progression and innovation. The company repositioned itself and outsourced its non artistic services into the IMAmedia OHG. This was necessary as the corporate group wants to advance to further areas, apart from its current core businesses, which are all kinds of audio services. However, the topics music and sound will highly influence all future endeavours as well.

The corporate group’s turnover of 2015 surpassed all previous turnover figures by at least 10 %. Therefore, the last business year was the most successful in the company’s history.

In the leisure industry IMAscore was able to set new milestones and further strengthen its role as Europe’s leading audio supplier for theme parks. At Walibi Belgium and Walibi Rhône-Alpes IMAscore collaborated for the first time with Compagnie des Alpes – the second largest operator of theme parks in Europe – and also made its debut at Thorpe Park, an English theme park which is operated by the European industry leader Merlin Entertainments. The results of these collaborations will be fully audible for the first time in the parks’ 2016 season.

Hansa Park cooperates with IMAscore again for „Der kleine Zar“
Peter Cliff from Alton Towers Resort about working with IMAscore