New soundtrack for Colossos at Heide Park Resort


Colossos is Europe’s highest wooden rollercoaster and with a maximum speed of 110 km/h even the fastest! Since 2001 this extraordinary ride thrilled millions of guests. From this season on, Colossos has an own musical identity, created by the team of IMAscore, which fits to its theme area.

Following is a first snippet of the official Colossos soundtrack, which can be heard in the ride area.

IMAscore – Colossos (snippet):

Beyond that the team of IMAscore also produces Acoustic Theming for other areas of the park, like the demoniac soundtrack for its novelty 2014, which is Germany’s first Wing Coaster “Flug der Dämonen”. You can find more information about Acoustic Theming by clicking on the menu item “Audio Experience”.

Colossos 3Colossos 2Colossos 1

The sound of Flug der Dämonen at Heide Park Resort
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