Blue Fire Onboard Soundtrack available now!

The Blue Fire Onboard Soundtrack is finally available at the online shop of Europa Park for 1,29 €! The piece of music by IMAscore fits to the different moments and parts of the ride and accompanies them emotionally. It replaced the music which has been used since the opening. This way the Mack Rides Megacoaster fits better to its theme area Iceland, which has become more mystic since the opening of the wooden coaster Wodan in the direct neighborhood.

Theme park fans desired the release of the full soundtrack since the first day it has been used on the ride. Now Europa Park fulfilled their wish!

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Snippet 1 (Blue Fire – Dark Ride Part):

Snippet 2 (Blue Fire – Coaster Part):

Blue Fire Megacoaster opened in April 2009 in Europa Park – Germany’s biggest and with over four million visitors the world’s most visited seasonal amusement park. The 20 million euro ride was the park’s first roller coaster, which puts it’s passengers upside down in the truest sense of the word. Passengers will go through a total of four inversions after they have been accelerated within 2 ½ seconds by a powerful linear motor from 0 up to 100 km/h.

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THE SMILER soundtrack produced by IMAscore