Mami Wata soundtrack snippet and official logo design

Mami Wata

The construction of the log flume ride Mami Wata proceeds quickly. It will be the novelty of the Austrian theme park Fantasiana Erlebnispark Straßwalchen for this season and as IMAscore and the park already announced, the team produces the ride’s soundtrack. The production of it proceeds quickly as well. So quickly that we like to share a snippet of the soundtrack with you!

Mami Wata Logo

Beside of that: For the first time IMAscore is responsible for a design aspect of the ride as well, as the team designed the official logo of the ride, which you can see on the left. The opening of MamiWata is planned for the 2015 season and it will be the largest attractions of the park in terms of the area needed.


IMAscore – Mami Wata (Snippet):

You can find more information on the official website of Fantasiana Erlebnispark Strasswalchen, where you can also listen to a part of the park’s new entrance music, also produced by IMAscore.

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