Regardless of the style, length or mood, the production of music is always going through the same process. While doing so, every step offers endless possibilities of individualisation. Although there is a natural sequence of steps, the path does not necessarily have to be in straight fashion. Sometimes it can be helpful to take a step back in order to finally achieve the best result with creativity and experience.

True to your wishes and expectations IMAscore produces music which is unique in terms of emotion, skill, professional standards and sound.



The conception is the important „first step“ for small as well as large projects. It is important to recognize how many and which parts of the puzzle are necessary, so that finally a coherent picture develops. Of course this „big picture“ can show light and dark areas- important is, that even the disorder is well organised. The solution of this paradox is the art of the conception.

IMAscore produces for you the „big whole complete“ which captures the message and mood of your project in a multi-facetted and unique way and enriches it by a sound layer.



The term composition, often also used as a general term in music production, describes the finding of the melody. The continuously growing arrangement of notes and harmonies, played by varying instruments is tuned to a fine sounding tone by the composer. Many aspects of music, like the mood and in large parts also the style, are defined in this step. Here the notes meet, which characterise your musical work.

IMAscore composes melodies, which have a significant autonomy. Good music contains a message. You have the chance to define its content and to reach the listener on a particular level.



The final step of the production is mainly technically orientated. The complete musical work develops from the composition. At this stage one is always in front of the decision, if a real or virtual orchestra shall be used. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, in terms of sound however they are similarly impressive through most modern recording options. Also at other music directions the possibilities are numerous. Often enough it is a balanced choice between real and virtual instruments, which offer the most dynamism and authenticity.

Finally the musical work has to be mixed and mastered, to offer crystal clear sound and continuous quality on all playback systems.

IMAscore possesses multiple capabilities to use both, virtual and real instruments, for productions of all kinds and in doing so make a suitable offer for every budget. Our professional mixing- and mastering techniques always guarantee a perfect sound for all application areas.


The IMAscore team were great to work with – great passion, great energy, and were brilliant both in terms of interpreting the brief and going beyond the call of duty to create a truly unique and iconic piece of music.

Candy Holland Merlin Entertainments

With IMAscore we’ve found the ideal musical partner for our major project Chiapas. The composers were able to empathize with this project very quickly and transform our musical ideas in a fast and creative manner.

Michael Laß Phantasialand

I can really recommend IMAscore to everyone. I have to say, they did a very good job. Very satisfying. I think IMAscore manifested itself really well at Toverland.

Jean Gelissen Toverland

It’s been really really great to work with IMA because the end product has been widely acclaimed as some of the best ride music out there.

Andreas Andersen Liseberg

IMAscore was great to work with and produced absolutely one of the best soundtracks we've had in 25 years of showmaking.

Mark Kadow Mirage Entertainment

We searched for a team, that would like to accept the challenge, to produce a new onride soundtrack for Blue Fire Megacoaster. We found IMAscore. They exceed all our expectations and we're looking forward to work with them again.

Reinhold Lamers Europa Park

Working with IMAscore is unproblematic, organized and always professional. Our wishes were accounted and implemented at all times . We are currently working on two projects with IMAscore again, two thumbs up!

Jörg Kraft Movie Park Germany

Many thanks again to your team. I could honestly not imagine it to be any better. I really had goose bumps. You knew what you had to do, realized it well and did a great job.

Ingo Reichstein Heide Park Resort

I am impressed by the work of IMAscore. They brought up aspects we weren't even thinking of.

Caroline Kortooms Toverland

IMAscore have done a fantastic job for us on The Smiler soundtrack – the audio forms a big part of The Smiler experience.

Ben Dowson Merlin Entertainments

Working with IMA in translating the storyline for our new children area has been a very creative, fun and successful process.

Mikael Solkulle Liseberg

You guys are great!!! The sounds are better than anything we have ever imagined. Thank you!

Kathleen Kunze InnoGames

Thank you very much for the songs! We are more than satisfied with the results! Thank you for your professional support!!!

Robert Kaiser rokapublish
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